Woods 4C WEC-763x235

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Woods all new line of powerful snow blowers make quick work of moving large amounts of snow. The new line features a two stage design to allow more throwing force with less horsepower than single stage snowblowers.


Alitec-brand static and hydraulically powered attachments couple to most makes and models of skid steer loaders, adding greater versatility and productivity to an end-users skid steer investment.


Often imitated, but never duplicated, Woods offers a full line of rugged, high-quality attachments with innovative features that increase productivity, maximize performance, and minimize down time – whether they’re needed for commercial use or general lawn care projects. 


Woods premium rear discharge finish mowers, the medium-duty PRD-series, are engineered for maximum performance and efficiency. The PRD-Series mowers are designed to leave a smooth cut, with uniform distribution of clippings, on all types of grass, including tough southern varieties. 

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