Rover™ FS1100 Ride-On Spreader


The Rover™ FS1100 is a rugged ride-on spreader, perfect for applications that don’t require liquid application. A low center of gravity provides excellent performance on sloped terrain. A 100% stainless steel frame and coated Peerless transaxle resist corrosive granular chemicals for added life. Its narrow width of only 36″ allows for easy access through gates for residential areas and condominium complexes.

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100 lbs. Spyker Hopper

The Rover FS1100 hopper will handle up to 100 lbs. of granular material providing over half an acre of maximum coverage.

100% Stainless Steel Frame

Stainless steel resists corrosion from the granular chemicals distributed by the unit.

Best-in-Class Maneuverability

A low-friction sulky pivots on a 3/4″ tapered roller bearing for smooth movement. No mechanical steering assistance is required.

Ergonomic Controls

Simple, well-placed controls with dry pattern and throttle on the right. Spreader gain and gate control are on the left.

Compact Size

The Rover™ FS1100 fits easily through a 36″ gate, providing access to residential areas and condominium common areas.


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