FB2000 Hurricane™ Stand-On Blower


The FB2000 Hurricane™ stand-on blower is designed for precise and effective debris management. With an airflow of 4500 cfm and air velocity of 165+ mph, fall leaf clean-up and moving debris is easy. Air flow is changeable from the operator station with three directions – left, right and front making it easy to operate.

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Joystick Deflector Control

The joystick allows the operator full control of the air flow direction – forward, left and right. Pulling back on the joystick closes all deflectors for transport.

Quad Control Handle System™

This system provides automatic return to neutral, integrated operator presence, self-activating parking brake and travel direction control.

Dual Deflector Air Flow System™

The split left deflector system allows the operator to change the angle of the air flow to enhance the deep cleaning of debris.

Commercial Power

Vanguard 23.0 Gross HP* V-Twin engine provides commercial strength power.

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LED Light

An integrated LED light in the operator tower allows working and loading into dusk, extending the work day.

Torsion-Mounted Front Axle Assembly

Go over curbs or uneven terrain with ease with the torsion-mounted front axle. Bumps are softened, smoothing out the ride.

3-Way Air Discharge

The right discharge is ideal for deep cleaning or blowing above gravel roads and driveways. The center discharge plumes to the right and is ideal for cart path and trail cleaning. The left discharge has the patented Dual Deflector Air Flow System™ for operator controlled twin air columns. This patented undercut allows for downhill blowing.

Ergonomic Platform and Thigh Pad

A skid-mounted operator platform and ergonomic thigh pad provide excellent operator comfort.


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