Our History

Operating since 1947

With many years of operation and four generations of family ownership, Louderback Implement has survived quite the array of economic fluctuations and continues to experience growth. The company’s footprint reaches from parts of Northern Virginia, Culpepper, and to Charlottesville, making the company Virginia’s #1 dealer for Simplicity and Ferris brands out of 102 competing firms across the state.

The family’s legacy begins with Charles Louderback, a mill owner and visionary from 1890's to 1930's. The mill was passed down to Lee Louderback, where he began selling horse drawn farm equipment and used his business skills to earn a living at the local mill in Grove Hill VA during the 1930's. From there, he moved his business in 1947 to Stanley VA, where the family owned and operated business still prospers. His son, Kenny Louderback, began working at the family business at age 18 and eventually took over the firm for his father. Today the business is operated by Lee’s grandson, Chris Louderback and his wife, Jennifer, with Kenny recently retiring in 2019.

To what does a family business of 70 years contribute its success? Chris attribute’s the firm’s longevity primarily upon one element: customer service.

The Louderbacks refuse to conform to big business mentality and have cultivated an atmosphere of trust. The majority of their customer base came to know the Louderbacks through word of mouth, “the best kind of marketing we can have”, Chris upholds.

Chris proudly shares a memory of a gentleman who visited the business looking for his father, Kenny. “I show the man back to the garage and my dad knew exactly who he was”; the two had only met each other once at a tractor pull about 20 years prior. This is but one story, of many, that customers of Louderback Implement Co. Inc. can boast of.

Louderback Implement Company Inc. offers a wide selection of farming and lawn-care equipment from widely trusted brands such as Simplicity, Ferris, Echo, and many others. Louderback provides competitive pricing and has financing offers available.

“Larger box store companies will sell a piece of equipment and will not offer to service it if the customer calls with an issue during the following week. Here, we back all of our sales by taking care of our customers after we close a deal. Again, our business is about maintaining trust and promoting the golden rule: treat others how you wish to be treated.”  -Chris Louderback

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